Construction Management

Construction Management provides an effective alternative to the traditional forms of procurement and offers a pragmatic, hands-on approach with total transparency, in turn delivering best value. This approach works well with the more complex projects often involving works within ‘live’ environments where a high level of pre-planning and hands on management at site level is beneficial. The ability to communicate directly with the various contractors (Trade Packages) enables the Construction Manager to foster better relationships in the supply chain and therefore obtain higher standards of labour and product delivery, all in a non-adversarial environment.


  • Client appointment of a construction management team that will manage the construction programme
  • Development of a procurement strategy for the project and establishment of Trade Package structure/content
  • Procurement of Trade Package contractors to best achieve best value and in accordance with Client rules
  • Administering Trade Package contractor appointments (directly with the Client) utilising standard JCT forms of construction contract
  • Close financial management/control of Trade Packages
  • Regular financial reporting into the project team
  • Provision of Principal Contractor role and discharges legal responsibilities and liabilities under CDM legistlation.
  • Responsibility for arranging and managing all site facilities and services (site establishment, welfare, signage etc)
  • On-site management and coordination of all Trade Package contractors
  • Management of building handover activities including commissioning, Client/User training, as-built information and defects resolution


  • The Construction Manager is solely focused on delivering the Client/project objectives without the distraction of generating profit from the works (appointment is on a fixed fee basis)
  • Flexibility is built into construction management which enables delays to be overcome or reduced via rescheduling of Trade packages
  • The use of Trade package contractors means that financial failure of any Trade package contractor has only a limited effect on the total project
  • Trade package contractors benefit from improved payment conditions/certainty (paid directly by the Client) and non-adversarial management, increasing their loyalty and commitment to the project
  • The construction management route is completely ‘open book’ and transparent with the Client being fully involved fully in the decision-making process
  • Flexible approach which allows Client changes to be incorporated at a lower cost given the absence of Main Contractor mark-up or penalties
  • Construction and management expertise is secured thought the pre-construction phase of a project
  • Ability to accommodate ‘fast track’ programmes by facilitating an earlier start to construction without compromising the cost certainty of the project
  • Competition is promoted with each Trade Contract being competitively tendered
  • Quality finish and standards not exposed to the usual contractor profit restrictions

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