Landlord/Tenant Representation

We provide a pragmatic approach to all landlord and tenant dealings/negotiations, primarily during lease acquisition or surrender/termination.  Dilapidations can be a very expensive experience for tenants, as well as having the ability to frustrate landlords, if not managed proactively and professionally.  Lease acquisition can be costly in the long term if all elements and issues are not fully considered/addressed for both tenant and landlord at the outset.


  • Review and comment on documentation relating to structure and fabric, finishes and terminal dilapidations
  • Inspect buildings and comment on condition
  • Prepare written and photographic schedules of condition
  • Prepare and issue terminal dilapidations on behalf of the landlord
  • Prepare and issue interim schedule of dilapidations/lease breaches on behalf of landlord
  • Negotiate/agree terminal dilapidations on behalf of tenant
  • Ongoing property inspections and planned maintenance on behalf of landlord


  • Extensive knowledge of buildings and landlord/tenant issues provided to client
  • Potential future issues identified at the outset and addressed, avoiding surprises and unforeseen costs at the end of lease
  • Protection offered to clients by ensuring their interests are properly represented
  • Pragmatic approach providing best value for the client and avoiding protracted/costly negotiations
  • Takes away the stress associated with owning property for landlords by addressing and dealing with issues in a timely fashion as required by the lease

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