Oct 2017

Bridgette Stocks

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Bridgette Stocks

Practice Manager

Bridgette has almost 20 years experience working in various administration roles culminating in a PA position at the University of Southampton. During her career progression at the University, Bridgette learnt the importance of having a good mentor and believes that this work ethic is highly regarded at Rekan, and a solid basis for the ‘family’ feel of the company.
Helping to set up new business practices and systems for this growing company has seen Bridgette firmly making her mark in a positive and forward thinking manner.

Bridgette’s Skills

  • Calm and patient nature
  • Resourceful approach to establishing new business practices and systems
  • Keen eye for detail
  • Degree in Calligraphy and Design

“ It has been fantastic to have been here from the beginning and to see Rekan grow and establish a firm footing in the market. Despite the increase in the number of employees, the family friendly ethos of the Company remains the same. ”